Relevant Noise

by Night Herons

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RELEVANT NOISE is the second Night Herons' recording. We're happy that all of our influences congealed into an album that is diverse yet cohesive. The collaboration between the three of us became almost effortless as the songs grew from individual ideas or organically out of jamming together.

We recorded the tracks in our rehearsal studio in Oakland with a few condenser mics and some Shure 57 & 58's run through a Mackie board into an old interface. We enlisted friend and audio wizard Mark Gordon to mix the album. He took the flat tracks to another sonic level and got the sound we were looking for, somewhere between the Stooges, Stones and Matthew Goode. Thank you Mark!

We would also like to thank Dave Leonard, Mason Holding and Brad Assenzio for their contributions playing bass and Shea Breaux Wells for her vocals on Let Me In.

Although Larry has moved to Chicago, we want RELEVANT NOISE to be more than a swan song, we'd like the songs to stand as a testament to how much fun music can be when three friends get together and just let go. Never say never, we may just try our luck again.


released June 27, 2017

Music written and arranged by Night Herons (D. Berry, M. Assenzio, L. Huene).
Recorded in Oakland, at our space on our gear.
Mixed by Mark Gordon.
Produced by Dana Berry.



all rights reserved


Night Herons Oakland, California

Night Herons is a rock band out of Oakland, CA. Comprised of Dana Berry on vocals/drums/guitar, Mike Assenzio on guitar and Larry Huene on guitar/drums, the band's mish-mash of influences have congealed into a solid chunk of indie/alt-whatever rock n' roll. The band released it's debut, Shipyard Riot, in 2014, and has just released it's second album, Relevant Noise. ... more


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Track Name: Compromise
I suck at being liked, I’m fucked for being nice
I’m sick of the sycophants
I compromise my life, doing what I like
It’s getting me nowhere
And I know that life’s not easy
But I know it’s not that hard
All I know is I can’t take it
I’m compromising everything

I take it all in stride, I let it build inside
I’m running on steam man
I’m tired all the time, I never feel just right
I’m dragged down by anchors

I wake up feeling hate, it gets me through the day
I go to sleep angry
Hey if you feel the same, jump up on the stage
Track Name: Fighters & Lovers
The teacher waves her wand, student’s drool
Roiled like frenzied sharks, they’re consumed, the fools
The preacher slams his hand, the sinful wife
Bleats like a slaughtered lamb, she’s confused, she’s used
There’s gonna be some fighting baby
There’s gonna be some loving mama

The doctor makes the call, hubby comes home
Just in time to find his wife is gone, the fool
The barkeep slides the glass, ducks down quick
The shot heard round the bar, it’s hard to miss, this shit
Track Name: Blurred
London chimney pots, dark dripping bricks
Everything is always blurred
Styrofoam skies, platform stations
Everything is always blurred
Can't you see the grass grow?
Can't you hear the flowers turn away?
Don’t you love misery, don’t you want company?
Don’t you know we’re not perfect?
Don’t you walk in front of me, don’t you talk back to me
Don’t you know we’re not perfect?

Grafitti ivy grows, billboard faces
Everything is always blurred
Can't you see the grass grow?
Can't you hear the flowers turn away?
Track Name: Wildfires
Don’t tease me, I want to come over
It’s like I’m blown by the wind
As long as I see you, I know I’m not drowning
Please believe me, I want to be good
Wildfires, singed by the wind, wildfires

You smoke in the silence, watching the airplanes
going to places you wish you had went
The ashtray she gave you, holds your regrets now
The sun sets quickly when you don’t notice it
Track Name: Sunflowers
Sunflowers inside, makes me feel high, takes me away
Sunflowers remain, blooming inside, keeping me sane
I feel alright, I feel alright, I feel alright
I keep running away, I can barely stand up
I keep running away, I can barely stand it

Sunflowers inside, leave it behind, I float away
Sunflowers they sway, dancing inside, I feel alive
Track Name: Glaciers
I feel the ice, under my skin
It spreads like fire into my head
I see ice floats gathering, a shaky path is all I need
But every step’s a burning hole, once I fall I can’t return
Now it’s time to let it go, I wanna feel alive

Apologies multiply
Lethargy intensifies
When the glaciers melt away, they leave scars in the rock
I hear the words that crack the walls, I’m not running from this spot
Track Name: Let Me In
Kind of feels like shame, I know it’s just a minor thing
Just the final thoughts of a king
All you have is doubt, you wear it like a coat of ice
But you still can’t hide from the wind
You sound terrified, you’re like that all the time
You look hypnotized

Simple hollow lies, leave a trail of slimy thoughts
Gathering in pools of blame
Bent weather vane points to a fallen sign
All the paths we cross wash away
You sound terrified, you’re like that all the time
You look hypnotized
You gotta fight the feeling, you gotta let me in (2x)

Heavy on the sauce, light on the feeling pain
Half full of empty promises
Selfish gray clouds cover up the morning sun
All we have to do is wait
Track Name: Feels Like A Breakdown
Effigies are everywhere
Swimming through the swollen air
Dancing hydras block the sun
The whirlpool sucks me underneath
The mosh pit spits me out complete
Black eye, no shirt, I’m alive
Kind of feels like a breakdown
When everybody holds your hand
Kind of feels like a breakdown

Handstands on the edge of cliffs
Parachuting through the mist
It’s a stunt man state of mind
Everybody makes amends
Stumbling through the darkened rooms
Counting steps until they fall

Nobody understands
I just want to feel
Track Name: 2x2
Some days I feel like ether, some days I feel like lead
Everyday I look in the mirror, everyday it’s a different guy
I see the world in 2 by 2, I know it’s tired but it’s true

Sometimes I get excited, sometimes I wanna die
Every picture tells a story, every story tells a lie
I see the world in 2 by 2, I know it’s tired but it’s true
I know you’re out there feeling like I do
I know you’re trying, that’s all we can do
I know you’re wasted, I see it every day
I know you’re trying, that’s all we can do
Track Name: Blue River
City lights hang like stars around me
Pissin’ wind scatters dreams down alleys
Cardboard beds of unlucky men in slavery
Bloodshot eyes reflect the lies we’re living
Blue river, blue river
Your luck is running out, you’re getting swept away
You never had a chance, the river has its way

Rolling doors covered in graffiti
Desperate signs trampled by our progress
Liquor stores sucking in the needy
It’s always someone else’s problem

Fear of the darkness, sun washed away
Feels like decay, rivers run away

The postcard lies of sunny skies are peeling
Suburbans roll over sleeping corpses
Sequeways cruise through the human zoo now
Beauty has an ugly reputation
Track Name: Bad Idea
I feel like I’m never right just a fool in another game
set me up to take me down never find me underground
I know something’s wrong
It’s like a bad dream
Last night wasn’t right
Have I come too late?
It’s a bad idea

I feel like I doubled down I took a dive in another round
Now I know I gotta win, tape me up and send me in
I know you have bad friends
That like to take you there
Did you go with them?
Should I come with you?
It’s a bad idea

Gotta feeling I can’t escape
Gotta feeling in my brain
Gotta feeling it’s a big mistake
Gotta feeling I can’t escape
Track Name: Stay Awake
Someone’s got to stay awake, they’re waiting for a chance
Everything is wrong again, they’re right outside the door

Someone’s in your head again, you thought you got away
The feeling has a familiar face, your nightmare has a name

The sun creeps across your face someone has to pay
Everybody makes mistakes that’s all I have to say
Track Name: Razorblade
Wintertime feels just like an empty page
That has no end – it’s all I want
Broken things gather dust in that room
Behind your mind – it’s all I find
In my heart I’ve got a razorblade
Someone left it there to rust

Summertime an empty field overgrown
With vacant thoughts – it’s all I know
Holes in walls, seen it all in Kodachrome
Memories – it’s all too much
Track Name: 10,000 Women
10,000 women waiting in a line
every night they’re out there waiting for Mr. Right
everybody’s talking ‘bout the fun they had last night
nobody wondering just when they’re gonna get it right

10,000 losers sitting on the bench
every day they’re out there waiting for their big chance
Track Name: Overload
I know what you like, you feed on every sigh
I tear myself in two, just to get rid of you
I can’t see you coming up the road
I can't feel you, feels like overload

It’s all in my head, just like you all said
I never lock the door, you're coming through the keyhole
I can’t see you coming up the road
I can’t feel you, feels like overload
I can’t take it, I see you all time
Why can't you leave me, can't you see I'm done?

I don’t believe you when you say you're done
I can’t take it, I see you all time
I can’t take it, I see you all time
I don’t need to feel you, touch you, heal you
I see you all the time
I don’t need it, feels like overload